Sunday, 1 December 2013

Recently I've bought a new MT6589 based android Smartphone. Everything was pretty fine. But the only problem is that I could not get any GPS signal even after keeping GPS+Internet on for 1 hour!!
So where is the problem?

I searched about the problem on Internet. But the only solution i got was:-
*Download and fixing EPO assistance, A-gps using Engineer Mode (with the help of Mobile uncle tools)

But no luck!!

Then I come up with a new solution after 2 days of hard work. And it works like magic.
This tutorial for ALL GPS enabled smartphone troubled with no signal or weak signal or false GPS information.



1. Go to Location access from setting and check "Access to my location" 

2. Enable "GPS satellites" and press on the texts to open GPS option.

3. Enable "GPS EPO assistance"

4. Check "A-GPS"

5. Open "A-GPS settings" and check "Network Request"

6. Uncheck "WLAN & Mobile network location/Google's location service" (If you leave that in checked the accuracy will be worsen, it uses mobile network towers instead of satellites for location)

7. Active Internet connection ( only for first time)

8. Open mobile uncle tools and go to engineer mode or just press *#*#3646633#*#* it will open in Engineer mode

9. Go to "location" then "Location Based Service"

10. Make sure "Enable A-GPS" checked.

11. Click on "GPS Reset W/O SI_REQ"

12. Go back and open "YGPS"

13. Select "INFORM ACTION"

14. Now click on Hot, full and AGPS restart in order.

15. Select "Satellites" and wait for Satellite signal. **It is recommended to do it in open place**

16. After successfully locking you will see some green circle (locked satellites)

17. Then press option key (left key from home key)

18. Select "Enable run in BG"

19. Restart you phone.

       That's it !!

(Optional, for advance uses)

**You can open YGPS and after successful lock you can go back pressing home key. Thus the satellites will stay lock in background. And you can use any GPS related software with out Internet (Internet data will require for downloading Map)**


  1. HI ,
    Sadiq ShahriyThanks for the above post its works on my phone Mtech Fusion MT6589 MOBILE. but it works only when conected to the internet via 2G or 3g i dont know why

  2. 6572 here. i tried several times again and again. i couldnt fix it yet. still searching. i found gps' on red but they dont turn to green or yellow...

    is there a spesific settings for it. your phone menu is a liitle bit different than mine.

    1. This happens with me as well.. U need to go to open space and try . mine works accurately.

    2. I tried thqt to but stil it is not working

  3. I have Problum .... my SNR still 00 .... the View gps have... can you help me

  4. Hi, and thanks for the guide. I have got one small problem though. The "Location Based Service" selection is disabled (out grayed) while the YGPS selection is OK to use. I have the MT6572. Do you know what is wrong and what I can do about it?

    1. A system app named ' locationEM.apk ' is required here...
      you can collect it from any custom or stock rom according to your os version. then using root explorer copy the file to system/app.
      fix the permission like rw-r--r--

      Then you can open Location Based Service.

  5. Have you tried calling the company and telling them what is going wrong? I wonder if there are problems with the satellite and not the GPS. That would be very interesting if a satellite was causing problems like this.

  6. Hi.
    I have installed IGO on my Android but it seems that it cannot collaborate with the cellphones GPD.
    It cant find my current position and every time I put an adress for destination, the same message appears:
    """A route cannot be calculated to the given destination(s).
    The road network between the rout points is not continuous""""""
    Can anybody help me?
    Thank you.

  7. No luck for MTK 6572 despite of all tricks. Any help please?

  8. i have try it on tablet lenovo a5500 and all the time i open a gps program i get the message :
    sl request received for up session
    how to stop this?

  9. When i bought my v967s used to lock in 45 to 60 seconds.Last 2 months stopped locking at all.Following your instructions locks in 3!!! seconds.Thank you very much my friend.

  10. Dear Sir.

    I followed your instructions, in a Jiayu G3DCN (MTK6577 Dual-core stock rom 4.1.2, from and works like a charm.

    Suddenly my phone has a GPS absolutely functional. Awesome!

    I suggest Here Maps (formerly Nokia Here Maps) for android for secure navigation. I don´t know why but the GPS this one app its much faster and exact than other similar apps.
    And it have a wonderfull offline navigation experience.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Regards and THANK YOU!

  11. Thanks for sharing the solutions of GPS problems. One more thing, I am glad to browse your blog.
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  12. Hi, I get 4-5 green satellites out of the 12 or so in total. Is that enough? I enabled background mode, do I need to restart the app and go to ygps each time I turno on the phone, wait for the fix and then I am done? Do I have to leave the app open all the time I need to use GPS (all day, basically!).

    I found myself with a brand new Lenovo S660 which is a good phone but the the GPS turned out to be unusable! If this does the job, you saved a cellphone! ;-)

    Thanks a lot

    1. Ok, GPS is working fine when I get green satellites but all of them will go back to red after a while in background.

      Plus, the app drains the battery fast, I guess we should run it only when needed.

      In this case, I guess I will need to change the phone anyway :-(

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  15. Awesome fix, thank you. I've been fighting with this GPS problem for a while now - the best GPS for truckers.

  16. Awesome fix, thank you. I've been fighting with this GPS problem for a while now - the best GPS for truckers.

  17. HELP. I don't have the settings that are in steps 1 to 5... i just have activate/deactivate location... Also the tricks on engineering mode didn't help me...

  18. HELP. I don't have the settings that are in steps 1 to 5... i just have activate/deactivate location... Also the tricks on engineering mode didn't help me...

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