Sunday, 1 December 2013

Recently I've bought a new MT6589 based android Smartphone. Everything was pretty fine. But the only problem is that I could not get any GPS signal even after keeping GPS+Internet on for 1 hour!!
So where is the problem?

I searched about the problem on Internet. But the only solution i got was:-
*Download and fixing EPO assistance, A-gps using Engineer Mode (with the help of Mobile uncle tools)

But no luck!!

Then I come up with a new solution after 2 days of hard work. And it works like magic.
This tutorial for ALL GPS enabled smartphone troubled with no signal or weak signal or false GPS information.



1. Go to Location access from setting and check "Access to my location" 

2. Enable "GPS satellites" and press on the texts to open GPS option.

3. Enable "GPS EPO assistance"

4. Check "A-GPS"

5. Open "A-GPS settings" and check "Network Request"

6. Uncheck "WLAN & Mobile network location/Google's location service" (If you leave that in checked the accuracy will be worsen, it uses mobile network towers instead of satellites for location)

7. Active Internet connection ( only for first time)

8. Open mobile uncle tools and go to engineer mode or just press *#*#3646633#*#* it will open in Engineer mode

9. Go to "location" then "Location Based Service"

10. Make sure "Enable A-GPS" checked.

11. Click on "GPS Reset W/O SI_REQ"

12. Go back and open "YGPS"

13. Select "INFORM ACTION"

14. Now click on Hot, full and AGPS restart in order.

15. Select "Satellites" and wait for Satellite signal. **It is recommended to do it in open place**

16. After successfully locking you will see some green circle (locked satellites)

17. Then press option key (left key from home key)

18. Select "Enable run in BG"

19. Restart you phone.

       That's it !!

(Optional, for advance uses)

**You can open YGPS and after successful lock you can go back pressing home key. Thus the satellites will stay lock in background. And you can use any GPS related software with out Internet (Internet data will require for downloading Map)**